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SQL Source Control 8

Easy Versioning for Microsoft SQL Server

Back On a Popular Demand in 2011. We Need Your Help!

A few years ago we have sold the assets in our, at that time, flagship product, SQL Source Control 2003, a first standalone database versioning tool for SQL Server 2000. At that time we wanted to focus 100% on SQL Server related consulting, while securing the tool development. It has been our beloved child and with a large customers base, it needed constant attention and updates. Unfortunately, after some time the company that we have sold the product to, has decided not to continue the development and it was slowly phased out.

From that time, we have been approached numerous times by different companies and individuals who were researching a market looking for a simple, cheap yet effective SQL Server versioning tool, which they were unable to find. SQL Source Control most important feature has always been being easy to use and to deploy through the organization. Moreover, it was very cost effective with a more then affordable licensing scheme (in other words, we were not ripping you off).

Now, a few years later, our customers are still looking for such a tool.

That is why we have acquired back all rights to the old SQL Source Control tool and plan to rebuild it for supporting SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2008R2 and versioning using SVN, CVS and Microsoft Team System with a beta to be released in May - June 2011.

While we are on it, we need your help in identifying the key areas for the initial release

Please use the form below to let us know your interest in beta testing the tool when it is available. Also, we would appreciate if you told us, what are you looking for in particular in the SQL Server versioning tool.