SQL Handy TM Groupie

an Add-In for SQL Server Management Studio

Group Databases and Database Objects

Stay organized with our quick and easy solution that makes so much difference to SQL Server experience, that you will never stop to wonder, why has this not been a built in functionality.

  • Group databases into folders easily
  • Group database tables, views, stored procedures and functions
  • Share grouping information seamlessly with all team members

Recommended by Our Customers

Since the first moment with this little beast, I have been wondering, why Microsoft has not included this in their product by default? It is so natural and has been so long missing!

Tom Spree, Palo Alto

If you admire SQL Server as much as we do, you will love these Groupies...

Gemma White, New York City

We need to maintain hundreds of databases from multitude of customers. This one has been a godsend for us. We were able to cut times of some processes by half! What can we say... We love it and highly endorse it to any SQL Server user!


Get rid of SQL Server mess

Do you manage more than just a few databases on a single server? I think most of us do. It is a common scenario to have dozens of different databases loaded. And what if those databases all come from different customers? You would not expect them to follow common naming rules, do you?

Or perhaps your database contains hundreds of stored procedures? Thousands maybe?

Until recently, there has been no way that you could keep SQL Server databases organized in SQL Server Management Studio, the tool that we all use, grew used to and don't really want to change. It is pretty good in doing its job of supporting a DBA and developer, with one exception.

SQL Server Management Studio does not offer any help to keep things organized

Alphabetical ordering has always been the only option offered by Management Studio. And it means having to dig through an endless mess of database objects each time you need anything.

This is how it was before SQL Smart TM Groupie

Our Add-In enhances native SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Management Studio functionality with the ability to group databases, tables, views, stored procedures and user defined functions in user defined folders, just as if they were files in Windows Explorer. This is so natural and intuitive that you might wonder, why wasn't this implemented by Microsoft in the first place? We also wondered and could not find the answer. We were often told, that it could not be done. We did not believe that and came up with, as many users say, ingenious solution.

You do not have to dump SQL Server Management Studio. We enhance it in a natural way.

This has been the most important principle - create solution on top of SQL Server Management Studio. We knew, that if we created a separate application, it still could have been interesting, but not nearly as powerful as the solution that we now give you to use.

We are happy, because our customers loved the solution!

We are convinced, that you will be one of them pretty soon. Head over to our download section to get your fully functional copy.


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