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SQL Handy TM Groupie

  • an Add-In for SQL Server Management Studio

    Stay organized with our quick and easy solution that makes so much difference to SQL Server experience, that you will never stop to wonder, why has this not been a built in functionality.

  • Group your databases into folders easily

    Group your databases by systems, customers - as you want it, when you need it. It is so natural that you will not notice it has not been in SQL Server Management Studio previously.

  • Apply the same power grouping features to your tables, views, SPs and other objects

    It is like having your stuff sorted in drawers or lying on a floor on a huge pile. Which would you choose?

  • Share grouping information with all team members

    Just install the add-in to access all information from anywhere. Backup or script to move between server instances. It's easy and convenient!


Stay Organized

You know perfectly well, how difficult it is to find something, when things are not organized and kept in a mess.

Our Add-In enhances native SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Management Studio functionality with the ability to group databases, tables, views etc. in user defined folders, just as if they were files in Windows Explorer. This is so natural and intuitive that you mightt wonder, why wasn't this implemented by Microsoft in the first place.



Instant ROI

If you keep things organized, savings come as a natural consequence. People, especially engineers, tend to prefer a "quick and dirty" approach to things. Cleaning up after that takes a lot of time. And time equals money.

If you manage lots of customers on a single SQL Server instance, you will fall in love with our Add-In instantly. Being able to group databases by customers has been a long awaited feature of SQL Server management tools.




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